#59; sweating pink.

Yesterday I had the strange chance to read words others had written about me. Some of them were hard to read, others brought a smile to my face. The words that hurt have stuck with me, though. They proclaimed that I am cold, that I am withdrawn and that I am impossible to get to know because of how hard I am. The thing is, these words were written two years ago. By the grace of God, I’m not who I was.

This morning I work up to an e-mail, letting me know that I’d been accepted as a Sweat Pink ambassador. The women who I’ve seen become Sweat Pink ambassadors are some of those that inspire me most. They run hard, they eat clean, they fall down sometimes but always, always, always get back up again. They’re crazy and passionate and excited about life.

That e-mail was confirmation of something that I’ve known for a while deep down, but haven’t been ready to articulate yet.

I’m not the girl who is impossible and cold and harsh anymore. 
I’m not her.
And I’m so glad that I’m not.

It’s an honour to be considered as someone among the ranks of the Sweat Pink ambassadors. I cannot wait to jump into this community. I cannot wait to rock the pink laces. I cannot wait to turn those pink laces brown with mud from Tough Mudder, and I cannot wait to clean them up for their adventure to the Pink Triathlon a few weeks later.

I’m not that girl anymore.
I sweat pink.

(Want to know more about sweating pink? Check Fit Approach out.)


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