#57; success. Take it.

There’s a bus stop near the end of my running route. One day in Summer there was an iced tea ad on it, and I quietly cursed it for teasing me. Today, it bore a Blackberry ad with the simple words ‘success. Take it.’ and I smiled a broad smile and slowed to a stop for a moment.

See, for most, their 1km time gets down quickly. Mine? Not so much. I run 5.5km at a time, and except for the first km it’s all hills. It’s sometimes hard to keep my time for each km under ten minutes.

Today, for 4km I kept it under.
Then, I saw the sign and it was ON. I was determined to beat my time for 5km.

And I did.
From 46mins11seconds, down to 45mins9seconds.

I walked the last .5km, and took in the stretched out sky around me, listening to Matt Redman’s ‘10,000 Reasons’ and grinning because one of my ten thousand reasons to thank God is for the ability to run.

I took it.


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