#55; collision course.

Today I went for a swim. It’s been a while since I’ve jumped in the pool. Winter is my worst enemy. It’s cold and the cold in South West Sydney has this bite to it that the South Coast never did. I’ve lived here for almost three years now and it’s something I haven’t gotten used to. I doubt I will. Thankfully, there’s a pool across the road from my house. It’s indoor, and heated. And there’s a sauna. What more could I need to erase my lame excuses?
Pink Triathlon is coming up in October and I’m taking on the longest option. The swim leg is where I’m lacking the most. It’s only 300m, but even so, it intimidates me. My first attempt to swim 300m was pretty lame. I stopped after every lap – 12 in total of the 25m pool. It took me 13minutes. After mucking around for about 20minutes after that, I decided to try it without stopping to see if that was doable. Apparently, it is. My time for my second attempt – and the moment I realised how damn good swimming is for burning calories – was 9minutes. Not bad! If I can get the swim done in under 7minutes, the cycling done in under 20 and the run in under 25, I should kick the butt of this little triathlon. 
But this post wasn’t meant to be about that. It was meant to be about something else. 
I have two blogs, and two twitter accounts. One is where all my fitness & weight loss related tidbits go, and the other is about my life and ministry and lessons learnt as I fumble my way along by the grace of God. I don’t hide the other blog from the readers of this, but I do hide this from friends on Facebook and from other Twitter followers. 
There’s this part of me that doesn’t want me worlds to collide. It’s as if I can’t bear to have my friends know that I work hard at this lifestyle.I can’t bear to have them know the days when the numbers on the scale make me sad. I can’t bear to have them see the moments of victory, because I don’t want them to think me proud. 
But, maybe these worlds need to collide. Because my life and my fitness and my faith are all related, aren’t they? 
the scale for today.

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