#54; my gym.

I used to have a gym membership. The gym is just across the road from my house, so it was convenient. Over time, a few bad experiences made it a scary place to be, though. One of the receptionists always gave me dirty looks, and three middle aged women bullied me during classes. I kept trying, but it wasn’t the escape from reality it was when I first started. 
And so, my attendance dropped.
It got harder.
I felt like a failure. 
Something shifted after that and I’ve begun to embrace the outdoors as my gym. There’s a park up the road from my house that’s got some work out equipment in it – nothing fancy, just chin up bars, and some benches for sit ups both flat and inclined, and monkey bars. I’ve found those perfect for Tough Mudder training. 
It’s a simple routine. 
Run 1km. 
Circuit – push ups, tricep dips, sit ups, attempted chin ups.
Run 1km. 
Run 1km.
You get the idea. 
I finish my workout as the sunset reaches it’s final moments, the final rays of light creeping below the horizon and the stars shyly peering out from their hiding place. 
I love my gym. It’s free. It’s beautiful. And it’s so flexible. I mean, I can go to a gym anywhere and it doesn’t cost me a thing! 
…What gyms to you swear by?

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