The ships off the coast…

There have been countless nights where I have watched ships slide slowly across the horizon off the coast of Wollongong. They slip in and out of the harbour in Port Kembla, full of steel and then empty again, and the fading lights are the only reminder of their existence. I don’t know the names of any of the ships, but they came and went without fail as I grew up.

I remember them as a child, as I played on the beach under the watchful eye of my parents.

I remember them as a teenager, as I walked along the dim shoreline with friends talking about life, plans, God and escape.

I remember them from these past three years, as I move towards a visit to my hometown with in a car with a close friend. The lights of these ships greet me from the top of Mount Ousley. They’re familiar now.

These passing ships look like home.

And yet, they’re so transient. For all their consistency, they come and go like the wind. It’s struck me lately how everythin

g is always changing. I could not tell you all the people I’ve watched those ships with. I could not recount the conversations had. I just know that the ships were there, and so were friends.

But it’s all so different. Every time, it’s different. It fills me with this strange blend of sadness and hope to know that these days we live in the world, we live out in a constant state of passing each other by. We come in and out of each other’s lives. In, out, in, out.

That’s all there is?

These ships that I’
We, too, have a destination. All these relationships that I have built, with people who it so often feels are just passing by or whom I am just passing by, they are eternal. Our hope for Heaven is not just to be saved, but to know eternal life with God and in fellowship with each other… forever. ve watched for so many years have a destination. They come and they go these days, but in the end, they will all rust and bend and break and become useless, becoming part of landfill, or melted down into steel to be transported back and forth by another ship that is bound for the same fate.

These ships in the night. They’re coming and going. And so are we. The weight of sadness I feel, and the weight of hope, it brings me to certainty that there is so much more than this.

There is more going on than this transient life.

These passing moments have eternal significance.

In Christ, there is more.

So much more.


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