Ten Things.

Life is a bit crazy at the moment – I’m either sick or busy, and neither of those provide opportune times to sit down and process my thoughts enough that they can be written down. Many, many blog posts have been begun but never completed. Here you have it, then – ten things I wish I could have said at length, but will settle for one post about.

  1. Dentists aren’t so bad. I used to fear them but the guy that’s taking care of my abscess is pretty okay. God’s provided really well. First visit to him was in Wollongong, because I was near there for college mission, but he also has a practice in Liverpool, near where I live, that I’ve gone to for subsequent appointments. How cool is God. He plans things well.
  2. The best of relationships are the ones where you have permission to be not okay. In the same line as thinking about the dentists, I was trying to work out who could help me with getting to and from the dentist on Saturday. I realised that I’d feel embarrassed if most people saw me as dopey as I am after a dentists visit, but there are a few friends that I know I’d be relieved to be around. And those relationships are the ones that are an awesome blessing so often.
  3. Rock of Ages is a great movie. I like it like I like Rent. It is unashamedly what it is.
  4. Brave is also a great movie. There’s finally a Disney Princess who doesn’t spend her days waiting and longing for a prince to come rescue her. That’s the sort of Disney Princess I’d want my daughter, if I had one, to look up to.
  5. Building castles out of blocks is great children’s ministry. Something about all of us relaxes when we’re doing something with our hands, and suddenly conversation that would otherwise be awkward becomes natural. Last Sunday I spent half an hour building a castle with some girls from church. That time can be more valuable than teaching time, because it’s where they don’t just hear the word, but they also live it out with you.
  6. I got an HD in my Biblical Greek exam! Hard work pays off. Win!
  7. College Tour is happening right now and I keep thinking back to moments of mine. God was there. He was up to something, and it hurt, but He’s good.
  8. God gave us good coffee for his glory.
  9. What is the best way to measure years of our lives? Yes, Rent made me think about this.
  10. I’m so glad everything comes back to Jesus. I’m so glad my purpose and life and identity is in Christ.

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