If you live in Sydney, you should head down to the Maritime Museum to check out their Titanic exhibition. I’m not crazy about the movie, but the exhibition brought the real story of it to life for me. Lists of passengers who survived, contrasted with those who died, photos of survivors – including two children who came off the ship as orphans and were adopted by a first class passenger.

It was well worth checking out. Though, the group of school kids in the museum right near my friend and I made me wonder exactly how teachers communicate to children that so many people died on that ship… 1500 died. Insane.

The quote pictured is at the beginning of the exhibition and at first I thought it was silly to have such an obvious quote there, but then as I got caught up in the story of the Titanic and its passengers, I realised how important those three words were.

I imagined the pause of the crew around who heard the statement, drawing in a deep breath as they tried to process the information. I imagined the panic as the news spread.

Such a simple statement, with implications beyond any statement that man would have made prior to that moment. I guess, what it’s led me to think about, is the impact of one statement. We do a lot of talking about God, but have you ever had a moment when someone’s words rocked your world and God did something massive through them?

“Your arms look beautiful without the cuts,” a youth leader once said to me. It helped me fight on those dark nights when I was fooled into thinking that self harm was a wise decision.

“There’s no condemnation.” a friend assured me as we sat together outside church. “None.”

Simple words. They don’t seem to mean so much at first glance, but they impact who we are and how we walk with God in such a huge way.

“Iceberg right ahead!” the first mate would have cried. But we don’t cry out a message of condemnation, we proclaim the gospel of grace. How much better is THAT announcement!


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