#46; where the warrior is struck down by a toothache. yes, a toothache.

I went with a plan. Each day of college mission in Corrimal, I was going to go for a bike ride by the ocean. For one week, I was going to be flawlessly healthy and come home happy and feeling accomplished. That was the plan. It was a great plan.

Then, Saturday night happened. I woke up in the middle of the night and could feel my tooth throb with each heartbeat. It felt like being punched in the face over, and over, and over. I couldn’t sleep, but I put up with it and kept going with college mission, but no exercise. The pain was too much. On Wednesday, following a team meeting, I cried and held a heatpack to my face to ease the pain a bit. It was too much. It ached and ached and never relented. Never. It was trapping me. One bit of pain that just kept going and going, never letting up. It was horrible.

A friend took me to the dentist. It turns out there’s an abscess near my top tooth that has grown as big as a pinky nail, and pushed the root of my tooth to the side. Slowly but surely it was eating away at my gum, and Saturday was when it got into the nerves. The dentist decided he needed to get to work on it soon. Friday I went back for stage one of root canal therapy, and it felt amazing.

Pain free.

I’m still a bit achey and feeling sorry for myself. I’m tired and I know I’ve put on at least 1kg. Maybe more. Probably 2-3kg. Back to where I began. I feel like crying.

But, honestly, I had never realised how debilitating pain could be. I never want to go through that again.


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