#43; weigh in

Start weight: 85kg

Last week: 85kg
Today: 83.4kg

That’s a pretty little loss right there, friends. Very pretty, indeed. It wasn’t the healthiest of all losses because some of it came from having the flu for a week, and barely consuming anything except oranges and soup. I did get in a workout last night, and that was my first significant workout for the week. I don’t want to pull numbers like this every week. I just want to be consistently losing something and chip away slowly, but surely, until I get down to a healthy weight. 
Let’s be real for a second, though. I keep wanting to say what my goal weight is, and I don’t. I don’t think I have a goal weight. I mean, I can’t remember the last time my weight was in the 70kg range. I’ve never been a petite girl, though I have daydreamed about being a petite punk rock girl who looks amazing in skinny legs and a fitted t-shirt, with tattoos peeking out from underneath the sleeves. 
Yes, I daydream a lot.
But, for real, is it bad that I don’t have a goal weight?

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