Fitness + Scripture Union

Last year I lost 15kg. It was done healthily. Every kg was lost because I ate well and exercised lots. It started because I felt this deep discontent with the way I was – unhealthy, sad, distant – and that isn’t the way any person should be, especially one in ministry.

And so, weight came off, fitness grew, and it’s been an inconsistent journey since the first 15kg, but I’ll get there. I’m still over what a healthy weight is, but I’m closer than I was a year ago.

Recently, the corner of my life that is fitness collided with my faith. I was given a place in the Scripture Union Charity Team for the City 2 Surf this year. What a blessing! It’s got me thinking, though. It’s never made sense to me that people would sponsor someone to run in an event. It seemed silly to me. So, in taking part in this charity team, am I perpetuating something I find pointless? No. I’ve realised that there are many motivations to run.

For health.

For emotional release.

For my ego.

But, being part of this team, means I get to run for a cause. I get to put one foot in front of the other, in support of Scripture Union. It isn’t that the 14km is an impressive feat (though, to me, it will be!), and it isn’t that I am such a good runner that Scripture Union are lucky to have me run for them (seriously, I’m not a good runner.). It’s the mere action of support, awareness and calling others to action – prayerfully and financially!

Scripture Union are awesome. They preach Jesus. They preach Jesus in schools. They preach Jesus in the suburbs. They preach Jesus in schools. They preach Jesus at the beach. They’re worth supporting, just because of that. You should support them, and I’m asking you to support them through this.

I lost weight last year. But, losing weight has blessed me with the confidence that I never had before, so that I can take this on – by the grace of God! Running not for me, but for them. What a blessing it will be!

As I take on City 2 Surf, putting one foot in front of another for 14km, would you support Scripture Union?

Jump over to my fundraising page to throw some support their way. Every prayer counts. Every cent counts.



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