#41; red flag week.

It’s exam time at college. I’ve got two exams to do. One is a home exam that will be done tomorrow morning – it’s a Romans exam. Not stressed. Actually, sort of apathetic about the whole deal. The second? Greek. It’s not this Tuesday coming, but next. It’s worth 60% of my grade and I am so, so, so very in trouble if I don’t study my butt off.

Problem is, that I tend to add to the bulk of my butt when studying. I eat so much junk.

The plan for the next week and a bit? Carrots, celery, water and green tea. Those will be my study buddies. Just those. I wont eat meals whilst studying. I’ll stop to study. If I want coffee, I’ll have a break. My mindless munching and sipping will be left for that which doesn’t do much damage to me.

Hold me to it.
That’s the plan.

Also, I want to be the tough girl going for morning runs in baggy hoodies sometime. Hold me to that, too.


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