#35; thought, to tweet, to commitment.

Speed isn’t my forte in running, but it seems to be in life. As of an hour ago, I’m signed up to do the city2surf to raise money for Scripture Union. It was a mere idea, then I tweeted them about it, they called me, and the deal was done. We’re in. I’m part of their team now.

Sponsor me here: http://www.fundraise.city2surf.com.au/Tamara_Taylor529

There’s more going on here, though. I think I jump at the chance to commit because it means that I know I’m doing something – I know there’s something to aim for. I don’t plan on running all of it. That’d be lunacy at this stage. I do plan on finishing, though. Then working that night. That’s just how I roll.

I need life to mean something. Every action must have meaning. Nothing, for me, is meaningless, because everything I say and do says something about who I am. It shapes who I am. Not just physically, but everything about me. You read last week about a handstand and how much that meant… It really is that simple sometimes. Sometimes I just need to know that I’m not going backwards. Committing to crazy things like City2surf and Tough Mudder force me to move forward more and more and more.

So, August 12th, city2surf.
Bring it.


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