#32; goals.

My 12WBT friends are setting goals right now for this round. I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and set some goals, even if I can’t afford the program. But I need to write something down that’s been eating at me for a while. It’s a thought. You may want to yell at me for it, but please, permit me to speak without being judged here.

I want to get below 80kg. I want to be in the 70kg range. I want to be there soon. It’s been within reach for so long, and I keep self sabotaging anytime I get anywhere near it. I am so tempted to just… detox for a week, whatever that looks like, and maybe that will get me over the line. Maybe that’s all I need. I know it sounds desperate – and it’s because I am. There is a mental block that keeps me from getting over that line. If I have a good day, it’s followed by a bad one. If I had a good workout, it’s followed by a pigout.

It seems like I’m scared of the 70s. But, I so desperately want to be there.

What the hell is going on with me?

I’d love your thoughts…

Here are my goals for the 12 weeks when my friends are taking on the 12WBT.

  1. Run 3x a week. Don’t track speed, but do run same route over and over until I get faster and faster at it. 
  2. Run Raby Rd with only two breaks of walking. 
  3. Do 20 push ups without stopping. 
  4. Do a handstand without a wall to help. 
  5. Do 2 pull ups. 
  6. Weigh 70kg

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