#21; the good old days?

This photo was posted a few days ago, in an album a friend called “the good old days”. I was tagged in it. And I wanted to crawl into a hole and cry because… that was me. My friends posing, looking happy, and me. Looking distant and awkward and too shy to even be close to them.

Today I went to the doctors for a follow up about my medication. He made a few awkward comments – one of which was that the medication can cause me to put weight on, “and you seem to have done that…” he commented. I flinched.


Anyway, the photo below is me proving that even though I’m 2kg heavier than last week, I still look damn good compared to “the good old days”. And that 2kg was gained because I was drinking epic amounts of coffee with good friends, and eating lots of junk food with those same friends.

And sometimes, that’s okay.

Check my sexy legs, man.

End of rant.

Oh, for the record.

Same hoodie, new me.


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