While I’m Away…

Are you tired of striving?

Are you tired of performing?

Tired of trying to be someone you’re not?

What if there were another way? A way that gives life instead of inducing stress?

You see, I believe that God has not given up on you. He is, in fact, powerfully present in your life, even if he seems to be absent. He has revealed himself through a man, Jesus, who came to earth to show us how to live and then died for our sins. In his resurrection, he gave us hope that we can indeed experience the fulfillment of our desires.

Jesus is continually inviting people to give up their idols and follow him. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is worthy of our whole devotion. He alone has the authority to forgive all of our sins. He alone has the wisdom to guide our whole lives. He alone leaves us invigorated rather than exhausted, at peace rather than anxious. He alone has the power to fill the gnawing inner emptiness we all experience and bring purpose to each and every day that he sees fit to grant us as a gift.

Pete Wilson, Empty Promises

I’m away at Kyck right now. Quite possibly clutching my Kindle and a cup of coffee simultaneously and drinking in the words of Pete Wilson’s new book. You should be drinking in those words, too. Empty Promises is like the slap across the face needed to knock you out of a depressing delirium where everything means nothing, hard enough to knock you to your senses and loving enough to leave God’s truth echoing in your ears.

The point is, you should stop reading this now and go read Empty Promises.

What are you doing? Go. Read. Now!


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