Teaching Children, Taught by Children.

Children are teachable. But there are times when I forget that they are also teachers. Last week, myself and a small team looked after a bunch of kids as part of our churches kids holiday club. We looked at the book of Daniel. Many of the kids knew the story. They knew how it flowed, they knew the characters, and as we taught them, they amazed us. The amount of shocked glances between leaders was massive.

See, as adults we have been taught to be cynical. We have been introduced to more brokenness than we’d care to admit. We look at the world through tired eyes and broken hearts and when we gaze at God, that doesn’t go away most of the time. The tiredness, and brokenness remains. And yet… children look at God in a different way.

They look at Him with  a sure faith that sustains them. They look at Him as their Saviour, rock, Father and their everything else. They see how He has worked in the grand story of history. They see His work in the Bible and they see His work in their lives.

Oh no, they can’t explain predestination to us. Nor can they enter a debate with Richard Dawkins. They can’t list off all the ‘tion’ words that matter to our religion. But their faith? It can move mountains. Their love? It grabs at your heart and pulls hard until you can’t look away. Their wisdom? Greater than any scholar.

Maybe next time you’re teaching a child, you should take time to pause and listen to them… because they’re great teachers, if you have ears to hear.


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