This Weekend…

This weekend, church workers are busy. They are trying to do their best to proclaim the gospel in an accurate, engaging and memorable way. They are scrambling to connect. They are praying for effect. And among all of it, there can be this buzz of anxiety and stress that it just isn’t enough – that we will never do enough.

And it is true.

We are not enough and we can never do enough and our fumbling words will never be enough to change lives. Today, sickness forced me to stop and remain curled in up bed, and it reminded me that the gospel goes on without me. I am not the only one. This is not my work.

This is God’s.

And this weekend, among the programs and services and the music and the sermons and videos and puppetry, perhaps as church workers we need to force ourselves to pause and make sure that all we do isn’t being done in our strength. How can we truly celebrate what Jesus has done when this weekend is about us doing all we can do?

This weekend, do your best. But never forget that the only reason we do our best is because Jesus gave his life for us. And that, friends, is worth sharing. That is worth more than empty effort.


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