#12; the one where she remembers running.

There is something great about running. Admittedly, I’m SUPER slow at the moment. My fastest km today was 8m15s, but I haven’t run outside the gym for a while for more than 1km and taking on hills is hard. My left leg has also decided to cramp up a whole lot, and even stretching it out doesn’t make it go away during the run. It goes away as soon as I cool down, though. Weird. 
Monday and Tuesday are my “red flag” days. I spend them both at college – where food is supplied and time is filled with lectures and other community based activities. I’ve never been disciplined with food at college, and my coffee consumption whilst there is insane – with the yummy coffee machine to blame, honestly… and my addiction. Normally I’d come home and pass out because Biblical Greek is damn hard, but this week I charged my phone and then went for a run.
I feel a little more like myself now. Tomorrow is weigh in – including measurements this week. I’m curious to see if my measurements have gotten any smaller… I’ll honestly be surprised if they have. My weight has stayed the same as it has the last few months – between 80 and 82. Some old ladies at church say I’ve lost weight. 
Maybe there’s promise. Maybe there isn’t.
Either way, I need to run more. Burns a HEAP of calories, and makes me feel great. 
Oh, and for the record – let’s compare!
Hard to tell if there’s a difference because I’m in rights… but from first glance, my legs seem more toned and my stomach has a bit of tone to it as well if you can see past the chub. 

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