Love, Love, Love. (a rant) images, my friends.

A google search for love will turn up a lot of photos of hearts and hand holding, and a decent amount of sunsets to compliment it all. It’s February, which means that Valentines Day is inevitably going to show up, and that’s got my mind ticking over about all things to do with love – but what I can’t shake is how much weight we put on ‘love’ as something that completes us.

And how misled we are in believing that ‘love’ must involve hearts racing, sweaty hand holding, and sunsets.

When I was in youth group, people dated each other – a lot. I remained single, and as much as I’d like to say that’s because I was so godly that I didn’t want to date anyone, it was because I was… well, not that attractive. I got to see people go in and out of relationships and they would often feel like they had found the missing piece of a puzzle when they were in a relationship and then be shattered when the break up happened. Seeing this happen again and again embedded into my mind that if only I could find someone, I would be complete, but it also gave me the fear that if I was to fall for someone, I’d end up hurt and crying whilst watching bad chick flicks.

God seems to have another idea completely about love. Marriage in the Bible isn’t created to be about hand holding, hearts racing and sunsets. It’s made to be a mirror of God’s love for the church. It’s made to show us something of HIS love. Selfless. Sacrificing. All encompassing. And yet, we’ve blurred it so much that all we see is a cheap imitation of what God intended.

God is love. Jesus showed us how this works in His life, death and resurrection. Jesus’ love for us isn’t about him feeling complete – because all He needed was found in the Godhead. Jesus’ love isn’t about his heart racing, because his heart stopped for us. Jesus’ love isn’t about sunsets, but it gives us hope in whole new ways.

And our love is meant to reflect that – marriage is meant to reflect that. I wonder if our obsession with the cheap imitation of love that google images, valentine’s day and chick flicks perpetuate doesn’t take us further and further away from knowing God’s love as fully as we could.

I wonder if we’re not ripping ourselves off with temporary nice feelings, in place of eternal joy. Replacing God with a guy who may or may not break our hearts. Running away in our hearts and minds so that we can have romance instead of letting God display His glory to us and through us.

…Just a thought.


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