Best of 2011: Not For Me

Español: My Chemical Romance.

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I love My Chemical Romance. There, I said it. Their music makes my emo child heart sing. When I run to their albums, I may struggle to not sing loud and proud that “I’m not okay!” even if I am, in fact, perfectly okay because I have a bulletproof heart that just likes to get up and go.  Tonight during a Twitter conversation with a couple of people, after I stated that I was part of their target demographic, one of the guys, Matt, responded that they mustn’t be part of that demographic.

With him not being a 21 year old woman who grew up in the Illawarra, I think that’s the case.

A teenager once told me that she wasn’t allowed to attend youth group because her parents, from Hong Kong, thought that she should follow a religion of their culture – not a white person’s religion. Another woman who I spoke to said that Christianity is only for those who have messed up histories and need something to cling to. These two women have very different stories, but each have in some way – by some influence – come to the conclusion that Christianity just isn’t their thing.

Now, I think they’re wrong. Not Matt. He can not like My Chemical Romance if he likes because music does have a particular group it reaches. But the teenager and the woman who say Christianity just isn’t their thing? They’re wrong.


Jesus is a historical figure. He walked this earth. He hung out in Nazareth most of his life. Nazareth. Not Sydney. Christianity is based in history. It isn’t a human centric religion. It’s about what God has done. It isn’t about what we have done. It’s about what God did in creation, through his people Israel (and to them, even), and about how he saved us through his son Jesus dying on the cross and being the ultimate sacrifice to end all sacrifices.

It isn’t a ‘white person’ religion.

It isn’t just for people who have suffered and need something to cling to.

Because that isn’t what Jesus came for. You know the verse. John 3:16.

God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him shall never die but have eternal life.

Or something to that effect. Here’s the thing. My Chemical Romance have a target audience. But Jesus? He’s for everyone. For the 3 year old girl from a broken home to the 21 year old guy to the 99 year old couple who have stayed away from church all their lives. If someone claims that Jesus just isn’t for them… Well, they’re wrong… He’s for you. It’s more often than not us that aren’t for him.

Originally posted 28/3/11


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