Best of 2011: Dear Me

Dear me (and maybe you too),

You have been raised to believe a lie. You have been convinced that life is about you, that you must feel fulfilled, and you must experience life to the max. You have been shoved onto a pedestal with bars around it and it seems that there is no escape from this narcissism that you experience every day. You have been fooled into thinking that the song this world sings is about you.

But it isn’t.

You see, me, God has other ideas about what is important and yes, he values you and yes, he loves you more than you can imagine but the big picture is not a picture of you. It is a picture of a glorious God. Do you remember when you went to Canberra and saw the tapestry in Parliament House? The huge one that looks like it’s a painting until you’re right up close and can see the stitches? You’re about half of one of those stitches, and you better be glad that you are. If you weren’t connected to the massive tapestry that is God and His Kingdom, you’d be a broken thread drifting somewhere in the wind. Instead you’re attached to this epic tapestry that God’s got going.

Yet, you’re still stuck on this platform with the bars around it.

The good news, me, is that there’s a way out. God has handed you the key and you can escape this narcissism. You can hand over the glory to the One who deserves it. You can relinquish your power and your control and realise that it’s already in the hands of the Almighty and what you thought you had is but a mere shadow of it.

What do you say, me?



Originally posted 7/1/11


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