Life Is…

Friday night, my Facebook feed is flooded with statuses about going into town and getting so drunk that you forget the whole work week before it. It’s strange to see those statuses interspersed between the statuses of my Christian friends, many of whom are youth group leaders, expressing their excitement about their night ahead. It amazes me how different our definitions of what life is. It amazes me that we can live in the same world, and have such wildly different perceptions.

Jesus said that he came so that we could have life to the full. I don’t think that meant that we should be boring – and often, I don’t think we are, but the perception of Christians is always that we have no life. Yet, we know the only One who can actually give us life. And that’s pretty awesome. So, what is life then? What is it that makes life full and good and worth living?

I love the beach. There’s something about a beach that makes me feel content, alive and like nothing else matters, just for a little while. There’s rock pools to explore and waves to dive into, sand to dig holes in, towels to nap on… It’s great. Today we took a group of youth to the beach and spent half the day there. I couldn’t help but think that maybe that is what life is.

Life might be spending time together.

Life might be laughing together at crabs scuttling away to their hiding places.

Life might be playing Jungle Speed on the grass.

Life might be running into the college principal on the beach randomly.

Above all, I think life might be defined best by the word ‘together’.

Together with each other, yeah. But more than anything, together with God, who draws us to himself and draws us to each other. And that amazes me. That we have that privilege.

That’s life.


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