A simple story can captivate us, but it is the twists that truly draw us in. It is the unexpected moments, the unexpected friendships and the unexpected turns that make us sit on the edge of our seat and wait for more, anxious to see what will happen. I love those twists, and I suspect that God likes them too – after all, he’s in control of them.

Today’s unexpected twist came in the form of contentment. It is in my nature to be eager to move onto something bigger and bolder and better. Always moving, never still, never committing, never staying, and that feeling is hard to shake. Today, though, I didn’t look to the sky to see planes taking off to far away destinations and wish I was on board. Today I painted a room with a friend. Today a group of us cleaned some creche toys. Today I saw a movie for $6 and listened to a kid behind me go from being enthralled to bored to enthralled to grossed out. 

And today, the twist in my story, was that I was content with what God has given me now. I am content with where I am, and who I am with.

God’s good.


2 thoughts on “Content

  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you for your perfectly simple yet well articulated post. It is a great reminder of how important the small things are in life. Regardless of how my life twists and turns, there is one constant, G-d. Thank you for having the courage to point that out.


    • tamaracorine says:

      I think it’s less courage, and more humility. Often, I find myself trying to be in control and in charge of my own life… but when I let God be God, then he blesses me in so many ways – so maybe humility gives me that courage.
      Never know.


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