Lost Words

Words don’t come easy sometimes. There are moments when I can’t reduce situations into prose, there are situations that refuse to be reduced. These are the times when I cannot write. When something cannot be explained, I choose not to explain it. It has seemed that over the last week I’ve tried and tried in conversation to explain how tragic things can be, and how life can hurt, and how it is impossible to comprehend how God works… but honestly, it never seems like I’ve said enough.

Worse yet, the words I speak to God are few and far between because unless I can come to him from a place of understanding, it feels like there is something wrong in approaching him. Yet, that isn’t what is meant to happen. We are his children. Children can cry to their father, or squeal with joy, and these emotions aren’t required to have precise reasoning behind them – they just are. We children of God are emotional creatures.

Paul wrote about these moments. He said that the Spirit intercedes for us with groans when we cannot find words. It is in those well articulated words that I find comfort when I cannot express what is going on. It is through the Spirit that we are comforted when there seems to be no comfort, and through whom we find peace when there only seems to be chaos.

I tell you this because this last week words haven’t come easy. But that’s okay. Because words don’t matter as much as I thought they had to. I don’t need to express everything in words because when I am weak, He is strong. His grace is enough when my words are not sufficient. His Spirit intercedes when I cannot find the words to pray.

…And that’s something worth writing about.


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