Dear You, Let Go

Dear you,

Have you heard? You aren’t your own. You were bought at a price. And yet, here you are, running back to your chains like they were cake on your birthday. You keep running back to the slavery of sin when you’ve been given grace. And it makes no sense, you know. You can convince yourself that it’s okay – that God forgives. And oh, he does! The grace of God is never ending. Should we keep on sinning so that grace could increase? I think Paul said the answer to that question was ‘by no means!’

And so you need to let go.

You need to let go of the control you’re so desperately grasping for in your life. You need to lay your will down at the feet of God and let him take control of your own feet. Be his hands and feet, don’t try and stand on your own because when you do that you’re worthless. But with God? You have endless worth. You are free from sin, alive in Christ and a co-heir with him of eternal life.

And in your hands you have the grace of God given as a gift.

But because you hold it… this hope that you grasp… it means that you are not your own and that you are never alone. In your sin, you are not alone, but instead you are called to come home. Come home.

Please, come home.

Be free.

Be gripped by grace, instead of enslaved by sin.

No greater joy exists. Why don’t you understand this?




2 thoughts on “Dear You, Let Go

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    This was increibly moving, thank you for writing it, “letting go”, as you whisper of so gently here, is Not easy but your encouragement gives strength to the weak. May God continue to bless you with words that help bring healing to the lost and broken.-WATW


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