I think God loves us too much to leave us the way we are. I think he loves us too much to let us be comfortable all the time. I think his Kingdom is less about my happiness and more about his holiness, and that the ideal is that my happiness is aligned with striving to be holy as he is holy. I think Paul hit the proverbial nail on the head when he wrote about pleasing God, not pleasing man, because God knows (really, He does know) that we are so prone to trying to make man smile that we forget that the only opinion matters is that of our Father.

All these things are easy to think as ideas.

All these things seem so impossible to accept as reality.

It seems like an unattainable feat to find joy in the suffering that leads to refinement and it seems too nice to be comfortable to embrace to discomfort that God often blesses me with. It seems easy to seek my happiness and forget His holiness. And I think it only gets harder, honestly. Honestly, I wonder about the image we present to those we lead about a life with God. It isn’t all pain, but it is a daily death to myself so that I can find life in him.

And that is so much more than the false gospel of comfort I have been guilty of preaching in the past. It is different than the self help gospel. It is different because it is the true gospel that isn’t always comfortable, and isn’t reliant upon me but upon Jesus Christ who died for us while we were still sinners…

What do you teach?


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