I went for a run once I got to Katoomba for Engage. I had spent two days at the Theology of Children’s Ministry conference and was ready to curl up into a ball and hide for a while. That, however, wasn’t an option, and so I dragged myself out of the house we were staying in and endured those horrible hills of Katoomba. It was probably my slowest run ever. Partially because of the hills, and partially because I kept on getting distracted by things in the sky, along the road and.. well, it’s hard to not notice how epic God is when you’re in a place as beautiful as Katoomba.

“Selah” is apparently a call to reflection. Pause and reflect, I’ve been told it means. Pause. Reflect. Think about what’s been said and then continue on listening to what God’s got to say. In the midst of a week where my mind had been racing a million miles an hour it brought me to a stop, and made me smile because it was so obvious that God was saying something.

God was reminding me to pause and reflect, to not get caught in the chaos of the week, but to take time to pause and remember all he has said and get ready for what he had to say.

Looking through photos today, God reminded me again.


And reflect.



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