A Moment of Oxygen

Conferences are like standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down at the glory of the ocean below you. A moment of peace, looking at the chaos but seeing the beauty of it all at the same time, knowing why you so often dive into the chaos. But for those few moments, you are separated from it. A moment to breathe. A moment where everything makes sense.

And then, you dive back in. From the peace and back into the chaos. You remember the view, but it is such a fleeting view. It leaves you with a feeling you want to cling to but can’t quite grasp anymore. But you know. Deep within you, there is a new certainty that for a while cannot be shaken. For me, I remember the 2000 voices of those who serve in churches singing so loudly with voices echoing off the walls, the sound reverberating in my head over and over. How great thou art… how great thou art… And hearing that sea of voices sing out, those servants voices cry out in unity, reminded me that we can be sure.

That we are sure.

With that feeling renewed in me, I am so grateful to God for those few days. I am so grateful to God for those that he has placed around me. And I am glad that we aren’t only unified as we stand together and sing so loudly, we’re unified when we feel like we’re in the middle of that glorious ocean that we spend a few days gazing at.

We’re unified when the waves are crashing and it all seems to messy. We’re unified as we try to shout the gospel over the sound of the chaos. And we are unified for eternity.

In that I am sure. In that, I am comforted.

A moment is lovely. To escape from the chaos and take a few deep breaths. But this conviction is something new. And this conviction is not fleeting like a moment is. I pray it sticks.


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