There are days when it is easy to wonder if all that we strive for is meaningless. We search and search and try to grab onto something that matters, that will last, and all we end up with is a fist full of air because what we thought mattered was just vapour. And we continue the chase. Fruitless running with no end. Like a race with no finish line, and in all of it, through all of it, we just want to stop.

We just want to breathe.

We just want to be holding onto something that matters.

And I would love to tell you that when you “get” God, that the feeling goes away, and the chase is done. Because, honestly, the waiting is killing me. There’s this big word – eschatology – and it basically means ‘study of the end times’ and when we talk about it we end up with a “now but not yet” thing going on.

See, the thing we thirst for most of all – the Kingdom of God – is here, but not totally realised yet. We’ve got little tastes of it. We’ve got the presence of God through the Holy Spirit.

But the Kingdom of God, when fully realised, will have us living in God’s physical presence forever, with that hole that we strive to fill all taken care of… by the only One who can truly fill it.

And the chasing will stop at that point. Today, I am thirsty. Today, I want to feel God’s complete presence instead of the taste that we have today. I want to stop chasing after the wind. I want to stop chasing an experience that makes me feel better for just a moment. I want to not just taste Heaven, but live in it.

I want to stop chasing.

What are you chasing? 


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