For some reason, sunsets remind me that God's in control. Tonight's was a pretty great one.

Plans are one thing.

Actions are another.

Nothing ever works out quite like I would plan, but most of the time, the results are pretty okay even if it isn’t what I’d expect. That applies to almost everything, but the last two days I’ve left my house with the intention of going for a walk and have ended up breaking into a run, and when I think about that it makes me think about things like a holiday club or youth group or… well, even just a friendship.

It makes me think that my intent in doing something may be different to what God’s got planned to do with it, and for you that might be obvious, but for me it makes my head spin a little bit. To explain why, all you need to know is that I dye my hair because when things feel like they’re out of my control, I need to take a bit of control back – and hair colour is pretty alright to control, isn’t it?

God’s in control. And my plan to walk may end up as a run because my body needs to do something to cope with stress, and it’s God who made our bodies operate that way. God’s in control. And when I run a holiday club to see if it’s even possible for something that crazy to work, God uses it to set a few kids hearts on fire with love for Him.




4 thoughts on “Plans.

  1. domstevenson says:

    There is a verse in proverbs that Brendan reminds me of often that says something about our hearts setting the plans but God charting the steps. I think it is beautiful and true, when we give stuff to God (or he takes it – both happen and I think both have different uses and timings) it can be the same ‘thing’ but suddenly utterly divine because God has put his steps in place for it occur.

    I guess this is something that has been that raw kind of of true that hurts for me lately as well – God’s way of seeing plans is infinitely better than ours (literally, he’s eternal, we’re not) yet it is so hard for us to know this in a better way than just with our heads. Our understanding of the truth needs legs to really be understanding and this is such a hard area.


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