6 Reasons to Leave Your Office NOW & Go For a Run*

*or a walk, that’d be alright too.
  1. At the moment I’m writing this, it’s bright and sunny outside. After the last few miserable weeks of rain, I’m ready for sunshine. We should enjoy it.
  2. God’s smart and made it so that when we do physical activity, our mind relaxes. Endorphins the smart people call ’em. They’re great.
  3. You might run into someone and get talking about life – and yes, that’s a good thing!
  4. Our bodies are something God gave us to use well to glorify him. Exercise is good stewardship of that body.
  5. It’s a tangible achievement. Let’s be honest, ministry doesn’t often give us finishing lines. Runs do. It’s nice to have that sense of achievement.
  6. Quite simply, it’s good for ya.
So what are you waiting for? Do it!
I’m about to do the same.
Ready, set, go!

One thought on “6 Reasons to Leave Your Office NOW & Go For a Run*

  1. Sally Nash says:

    Good advice! Read this quote this morning as part of my quiet time:
    Sometimes the easiest answer to our difficulties is not so much to get outside ourselves as simply to get ourselves outside. William deBuys


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