There are times when I can’t get a word off of my mind. The last few weeks ‘bold’ has been bouncing around the abyss that is my brain. Subtlety isn’t something I’ve ever been talented at. The taming of my wild tongue is a work in progress that will continue for the rest of my life and my ever-changing hair colour is another issue altogether. But when you take boldness and apply it to holiness, you find something a lot more healthy and helpful than words that tumble from a tumultuous tongue or colour produced by peroxide.

You find something that draws people to God. Not to you – but to God, because if we lived boldly, accepting God’s bold display of grace and boldly stepping into it, knowing that we are broken and in spite of that, God loves us because he’s just that good. And so, tonight, God is telling me to be bold.

He is telling me to be boldly broken.

To boldly accept his grace.

To live holy and live boldly.

Because, it’s just better that way.


One thought on “Bold.

  1. domstevenson says:

    Didn’t Luther say something to this affect … sinning boldly or somesuch,

    I like the part about working out what God is telling us to do though – the whole thing of living the right story that reflects him.


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