[guest post] friendship according to Skillz

A fluffy guest post from the lovely Jean-Anne. Enjoy, friends!

So hey! I’m Jean-Anne and I’ll be your guest blogger for today, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Tamara and I have been friends for a long time, when the emotional time bomb that is family exploded; we were the two still together. Why? Because we understood each other and everything that was happening, it sucked, the things that were happening, but it was comforting having someone who knew how you felt, and what to do to keep your mind off the chaos. It was this understanding that lead to the craziest friendship I think I have ever been apart of. I was going to compare us to some famous TV friendships, but then I realised we weren’t like any of them, sure we have elements but in the end we are our own famous friendship, at least to Dapto and Campbelltown. We get weird looks from people we do not know, we chase bunny rabbits in Wollongong at night, we rap ‘Can’t Touch This’ in the car park of waffle restaurants, we sing Glee and Rent on epic road trips, we were even baptised the same night (Baptism Buddies!). What it all boils down to is this, I can count on her and she can count on me. We’ve seen each other in highs and lows, and we’re still friends. And this friendship is based on love, and in the end all love should be based on this fundamental (besides Jesus, but He’s just a given :P), accepting someone for all that they are, not just the parts you can stand. Tamara is my friend, but more importantly she is my sister, I love her more than she knows and can’t really imagine my life without her
Now just for the fun of it, this is who we would be in TV friendships
House and Wilson = Tamara and Jean-Anne
Roger and Mark = Jean-Anne and Tamara
Harry and Ron = Both
JD and Turk = Both


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