Ahoy! Mormons are in town!


Image by More Good Foundation via Flickr

I cannot justify why my mind was in Pirate-land when I saw Mormons on my way home from grocery shopping, but it was, and so the title of this post was my immediate thought upon spotting the pair in black pants, white shirts, carrying books and wearing black backpacks. Oh the joy!

We didn’t talk – they were in a rush to knock on someone’s door to only have it slammed in their face rather violently by a man holding a beer in one hand. But had we talked, I worry about how I would approach the conversation. I worry about the way a lot of us approach conversations with those we know have different worldviews to us.

Here’s my concern: that we worry more about winning the argument than we do about winning the person.

Theoretical knowledge is valuable. Knowing how to engage with the theology of other religions is important. Understanding our own worldview is even more important. But if we prove to someone else that they’re wrong, and we’re right, and we’re jerks about it – what have we proven?

The person will walk away thinking that you’re a jerk. And even if you’re right, they probably don’t want anything to do with you.

The Mormons are in town, it seems, and I hope that if I’m to have conversation with them, it will be with humility and confidence that God is in control – rather than out of an arrogant heart that only wants to be right and win a fight.

Ahoy, indeed!


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