Yearning, fainting, longing.

Owl City

Image by alachia via Flickr

At a gig, there is always half an hour or so between the support act and the headliner. It is the most frustrating half hour of waiting, watching and wishing the roadies would hurry up so you can get to the main event. In those times, people talk in loud voices because their ears have already copped a hammering from the previous bands, and they discuss what songs they band will play, their memories of other gigs, their favourite band member… they anticipate what is to come. And it is hard to explain it unless you’ve been there and felt that anticipation.

Psalm 84 talks a little about anticipation.

My soul yearns, even faints,
for the courts of the LORD;
my heart and my flesh cry out
for the living God.

There’s a song that uses a lot of Psalm 84. The hook of it is pretty simple. “Better is one day in your court, better is one day in your house, better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere.” The first time I heard that song was college tour and we bumbled our way through it because only a few knew the song and honestly, the sense of longing to be in God’s house was lost in our inability to carry a tune we didn’t know. But I digress.

The Psalmist talks about how is soul yearns, even faints for the courts of the Lord… His heart and flesh cry out for the living God and I wonder how much I understand that feeling. What do I long for the most? Do I yearn for worldly achievments? Yeah, I do. Do I faint for epic experiences? Yep. Do I long to do more, to mean more, to be more? Uh huh.

Yearning. Fainting. Longing.

I want to yearn for God. I want everything in me to long for him, not for things of this world. I want to pray “Come, Lord Jesus come,” and mean it with all my heart – instead of wishing he’d wait a bit longer so I could build my tower of Babel a little bigger.

What do you long for the most?


4 thoughts on “Yearning, fainting, longing.

  1. domstevenson says:

    I like it.

    Tis a challenge, I really try to yearn for God, but I find myself being pulled in both directions, even willingly moving in both directions at once, running toward God and wanting more and more of him, whilst also yearning deeply for things that aren’t him.

    It is also a challenge about wanting to spend, as the Message puts it, a day scrubbing God’s toilet floors than on a Greek Island beach forever.


    • tamaracorine says:

      I like that! Tdon’t know anyone that longs to be in God’s presence that much – we all imagine glory and gold.


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