Note Taking

Anyone who ever sat near me in college lectures will know that my note taking methods were often less than conventional. Many days I sat with a black pen and a few pads of post-it notes, and scribbled away to my hearts content creating drawings that have about the skill level of a 5 year old. Other students often got dragged into either drawing their own post-it note thoughts or giggling at mine. The point is, I have a thing for post it notes.

Tonight my brain was everywhere but where it was meant to be. My brain wanted to be curled up in bed, or reading a book on a beach somewhere warm and sunny. My body, however, was in church. A wise friend suggested I post it note the sermon, and what you see is my effort at that.

Scribbling on post it notes helps me remember things. I can look at post its from my first semester of college and still remember what they’re about. Not only the lame jokes on some of them, but the lecture topic and information.

All this, to say that my brain doesn’t work like yours might. The point of these post its eludes some students who prefer their notes in linear format and without stick figures.  And whilst it doesn’t always look normal that I scribble on post it notes, it helps me understand and engage with what’s going on around me – taking my brain from the beach (in Thailand, by the way) back to church where it should be.

Oh, how I’ve missed my post it notes!

Does anyone else have weird note taking methods they’d like to share?


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