There are clear moments in life when you know with everything you have and everything you are that you need grace. And in that moment, grace is all you need. That’s it. One of the nasty habits I have is to intellectualise things. I’ll use big words to explain situations and ideas, and by doing so, these things remain distant from me. I think grace is of those words for me.

Grace is all about what God has done. It’s God giving us a gift that we don’t deserve. He makes us righteous through Jesus. And that’s grace. And I have no control over grace because if it was in my hands it would be like that crappy gift that the aunt you never see gives you on Christmas day. Or it’d be a pile of poo. More likely poo than the awkward crappy gift.

Grace is completely out of my hands and that’s why it’s so hard to accept. Giving up control and admitting that I can’t do something on my own and that I need God’s grace – shown through his word, through his Spirit, through his people and any other way he cares to show it – is hard.

It’s not often that I admit it. But honestly, every day should begin with a prayer. I should begin every day acknowledging that I need God. I need his grace because without it I’m lost. Without Him, I’ve got nothing.

And it’s that simple.

That’s it.



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