Family Ministry

There are ministries that get a lot of attention these days. Church planting seems to be sexy lately. Youth ministry is all the rage. Children’s ministry? Well, that’s getting a lot of my attention. But what about family ministry? I’m not talking about having a program that people show up to. I’m not talking about educating families about how to live as Christians. Neither of those are bad things, but here’s what I think should get a lot more attention:

Families ministering to people together.

There are many individuals that I look up to, but there are a few families that let me into their home and lives and those families have had a huge impact on my life, my ministry and my relationship with God. The practice of this isn’t something that I can give you a list of things to do so that you effectively achieve this ministry. It’s something that should be part of your life if you have the privilege of leading a family.

Here’s a few things people have done for me:

1. A place to live

There are some time when someone will need a place to live. When I was in that situation – and pretty emotionally wrecked over the whole thing – a friend’s family told me that I could stay as long as I needed. They had never had someone live with them from outside their family, but their oldest daughter had gotten married that year so they let me use her room. Another family, who didn’t have a spare room at the time, put an air mattress in the home office and let me sleep in there. Both those families did something that had a massive impact, all for the good.

2. Meals

Invite someone over for a meal. Seriously. It’s that simple. Play board games. It’ll mean more than you know. Make it a weekly thing. Make it a fortnightly thing. Invite someone into your lives!

Now, here’s the problem that you might bring up. You might say that your family time is your family time and well… it’s your house. Actually, it’s all God’s time, and it’s God’s house. You have no idea what an impact you can have. It doesn’t involve programming. It doesn’t involve a whole lot except being willing to open your lives to someone.

Do it.

I dare you.


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