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There is something about a mosh pit that makes me happy. Maybe it’s the adrenaline that comes with them, but I’d like to believe that there’s something more to it. The unity, the one purpose for being there, the fact that for a little while nothing outside that mosh pit matters. There’s the music, there’s you and there’s the people around you who are just as lost in the music.

Tonight I saw Switchfoot for the first time, and there’s something I can’t help but notice. So many people spend most of the show holding their phones in the air, recording bad footage with bad sound that will end up being a bad video on youtube. They spend their time focusing on holding their phone still rather than actually living in the moment.

Jon Foreman, the singer of Switchfoot, climbed into the front of the pit tonight and as he stood there – hidden from the crowd – he talked about how where he was standing was where it all happens, about how the stage is a bloated attempt at experiencing what the crowd do. And he’s right. Those words were an introduction to Awakening, and as the crowd cried out in one voice that they want to know that their hearts still beating… about how they’re awakening… I could see about 10 iPhones above the crowd recording it and the person who held the phone seeming frustrated that people had their hands in the air ruining the shot.

You’ll have to forgive my ramble – this is being written just after I arrived home – but I suppose it’s made me think about moments that I live in that are ruined because I spend my time doing anything and everything but actually experiencing the moment. I was thinking that the feeling of running in the rain with music blasting is worth so much more than a photo of someone else running in the rain – because while I don’t have a tangible record of it, the feeling is something you don’t forget.

To take this back to where it always ends up, the same stands for how I engage with God. Sometimes when I spend time with God, I pretend I’m doing it because he’s my heavenly father and I want to chill with him but really? I want something profound to share at a meeting or I want some inspiration for a program or even (shock horror) a blog. I’m not in the moment. I’m somewhere else, with the wrong motivation for standing where I am.

Switchfoot were awesome. They reminded me tonight that being awake and alive is about being present where you are and loving it for what it is. God put me there for a reason and He’s got you where you are for a reason. Sorry about the ramble. It’s almost 2am now. But there you have it.

“I want to wake up kicking and screaming.

I want to live like I know what I’m leaving.

I want to know that my heart’s still beating…”


3 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Renae says:

    I’ve been thinking about this lately, too! A few weeks ago I saw my favourite artist, Brooke Fraser, and recorded some songs on my dodgy camera. Towards the end, my battery ran out mid-way through a song! I can tell you, it was lovely just listening to her sing and knowing that I would never hear this again, but that I was soaking it up RIGHT THEN. Also allowed me to see her expressions etc better. NOW is the time of God’s blessing. Don’t wanna sacrifice an awesome moment cos I’m so focussed on trying to preserve it!! 🙂


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