Becoming greater.

“He must become greater, and I must become less.”

I’m currently reading a book by Louie Giglio called ‘i am not but i know I AM’. The chapter I read this morning was about John the Baptist’s leadership and how he knew he was a little leader. He knew his job wasn’t to draw the biggest crowds, but to point people to Jesus. When I read the quote above – from John – it blew me away so much that I put my coffee down.

There’s an idea that I can fall into about me needing to become better, become greater. There is some truth in that – I need to develop skills and work at different things – but the idea behind those is that I become better at [insert skill here], not that I become greater over all.

Maybe I said this exact thing a few days ago, but it seems to be worth saying again. It seems to be something I need to hear and maybe some of you need it, too. We are designed to point to the glory of God. Like John the Baptist announced the arrival of Jesus beside the Jordan with a loud, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!”, we cry the same. We point to God. And at this time of year, we’ve got an opportunity to boldly proclaim exactly what John did.

In the spirit of Wrong Week, this is what I was wrong about. I was wrong about leaders being great. The God they serve is great, and the good they do is for God’s glory.


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