Aftermath of the Kobe earthquake, Japan

“In a moment of glorious surrender
You were broken for all the world to see
Lifted out of the ashes
I am found in the aftermath.”

Aftermath – Hillsong United


Today was the final day of high school scripture for the term, and one of the awesome privileges that comes with my position, is that of wrapping up a term together by talking about Jesus and leaving the class with one final thought resonating in their minds. This morning’s was that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for their sins, and that they will only truly have life if they know him.

The whole idea of sacrifice grosses the girls out, though. The animal sacrifices in the Old Testament seem brutal, but then you come to the idea of Jesus – an innocent person – being sacrificed in such an intense way – and it gets a whole lot worse. In recent months there have been a lot of tragedies around the world… from violence to flooding to Earthquakes and a whole lot of other stuff. In these moments, we hear about the aftermath of the tragedy.

We see pictures of destruction. Buildings fallen, people crying, sirens ringing out in empty streets as people try to scramble to safety or find loved ones. The aftermath of these events is always scary and if I’m honest with you, I wonder how God could let such bad things happen… where can the hope be in such sadness and brutality?

Then we look at the cross. We look at the Son of God dead on a cross and it is in the cross that we find redemption. Only in this tragedy do we find any hope. In the aftermath of the cross, the disciples ran. They hid and I imagine that they wondered what had gone wrong. They cried. They shook. They tried to work out how the conquering King who would tear the temple down was now being torn down from a cross where his broken body hung.

This is the aftermath.

But you know what happened… You know that the aftermath was not the end. You know that Jesus rose from the dead! And it is in the aftermath of the death of the Suffering Servant that we see the glorified Christ. This idea blows me away.


I am found in the aftermath.


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