If His grace is an ocean…

There is something about the ocean that amazes me every time I’m near it. It can be peaceful or it can be fierce, and it can be both of those within a few metres of each other.

Kiama has a place like this, and in the rocks that separate the fierce waves from the calm waters, there is the Kiama Blowhole. Water surges from it every minute or so, pushed by the pressure from an underwater cavern that catches water and pushes it out into the air.

Today I stood watching that water and all the while a David Crowder Band song was stuck in my head. It was the song, How He Loves.

“If his grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.”

I always thought of calm, flat water when I heard that song, but today the furious love of God hit me all over again. The way that God’s love is bigger than we can comprehend. It is untamable. It is unpredictable. Because God? He’s bigger than we can understand or imagine. His plan is more. His love is more. And his grace?

Well. If his grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking. Standing by the blowhole in Kiama, it was hard to not think that sometimes I stand a distance from God’s grace because it feels safer somehow. It feels like when I’m not in the grips of grace, I’m in control. I’m okay in my own strength. If I dive in, and sink in God’s grace, then who knows where he will take me?

His grace is an ocean. A wild, untamable ocean sometimes… and calm waters when you need them most. Are you sinking, or are you standing on the shore?


2 thoughts on “If His grace is an ocean…

  1. justinsalters says:

    Awesome post! I want to sink in the ocean of God’s grace and drag everyone I know down into it with me. May we never be caught standing on the shore, expecting fulfillment and joy in the predictable, but may we choose to brave the unknown depths of God’s grace and jump into the sea.

    grace, truth, & justice.
    justin // @justinsalters


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