Kyck prep #1

My Chucks

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Dave Miers spoke at Kyck last year. I remember his Saturday night talk well for a few reasons. One is that the message hit pretty hard, and two is that his description of emo kids just so happened to be how I looked that night – and the youth I was with were very amused by that fact.

He spoke about suffering and how it doesn’t make sense unless God is in the picture. Then, suffering still sucks but it has a purpose and there is hope in and through it, as opposed to complete chaos. He also said, “if you’re not a Christian, become one” and I ‘borrowed’ that line a few weeks later because it was the simplest alter call I’d ever heard and it made so much sense. Sometimes a message sticks with you – and that one did with me. It was a message God wanted me to hear. Yes, Kyck is aimed at the youth – but that doesn’t mean that leaders wont walk away changed and convicted. If you’re a leader and you’re not struck by God anew at Kyck, maybe you’re not paying enough attention?

My skinny leg jeans, Converse shoes, black band t-shirt and side fringe were a source of great amusement for the youth with me. I mention this because sometimes the best moments aren’t the talks, the prayers or anything else except simple moments that make you smile or laugh and bring us closer together as God’s people. If you’re all business then you don’t understand community. And while Kyck has epic corporate worship, it also provides a chance for epic fellowship that you don’t have time for the rest of the year.

Go to Kyck.

Go with open ears, an open heart and ready to make some memories.


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