Kyck & Heaven

A particularly intelligent friend of mine told me that she had a discussion about Kyck with someone recently, about how we often think of events like it as a glimpse of Heaven. She pointed out to me that it can’t be, because it’s only young people and Heaven wont have only one group of people – it’ll encompass all nations and all people and more importantly, God will be at the centre of it all…

Tattoo and Kyck wristband from last year.

I’ve got some epic memories of Kyck. When I went in year 8, it was the first time I ever thought that there might be something to the whole God thing that my friends were on about. There was this one girl who was crazyexcited about God, and about how everyone was gathered together to praise Him and it inspired me. It got me thinking that if people my age, and so many of them, were excited… Maybe I could be? Maybe. It was one of the first steps in a long journey.

Kyck isn’t an accurate reflection of Heaven. It really isn’t. But there is so much value in an experience like it. It shows teenagers that there are thousands of other people their age who are happy to give up a weekend to chill with Christians, learn from the Bible and sing loud praises to Him. It shows them that passion is possible for the gospel. It shows them something they don’t often get to see on such a large scale.

Go to Kyck if you can.

But even more, I’m thinking we need to strive to have youth ministries that show our youth the passionate lives people live for the gospel. One weekend is a big deal, but a year worth of living, breathing examples of a godly life, both from their peers and their leaders, is such a powerful message to send. Part of that is always reminding them that they are not the only ones… Maybe that means you connect with other youth groups through praying for each other, or meeting up sometimes. I don’t know what it looks like for you.

This has been a scattered thought, but I needed to get it out. Kyck is awesome, but not Heaven or a picture of it. And we need to show teenagers that passionate living all year round – not just when 2000 smelly teenagers are crammed into that massive shed!


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