Teachable… Humble…

Holy Spirit,

Someone once told me that I’m gifted, but that the most impressive thing about me is that I’m teachable. It seems like a contradiction to me. Being teachable isn’t impressive. Impressive is not needing to be taught, right? Today I found a letter that reminded me of when my friend said that to me, and it felt like I was slapped across the face with something for the first time in a while.

It is not my job to be impressive. It is my job, and my purpose, to make God look impressive. Maybe that isn’t a revolutionary thought to you, but it’s something that slips my mind sometimes and it takes a kick up the butt to wake me up again, to make me realise that this call on my life – both as a Christian and in ministry – is to be constantly humble. Humble knowing that I cannot save myself, and that I cannot know it all and humble knowing that the knowledge, experiences and wisdom God has given others will always be something God desires me to hear with open ears and an open heart.

As I learn more, it becomes harder to do this. I may be fooled into thinking that because I graduated last week (Did I mention that I graduated from Youthworks? Whoo!) I have made it. But God wont let that happen. God, in HIS infinite wisdom and power, has a way of sending messages to us through His word and His people and His Holy Spirit.

Teachable. Humble. I pray that everytime I am fooled into thinking that I’ve made it, God will remind me that I’ll never be there until He returns – and then, it isn’t because of me – it’s all because of His grace. By HIS grace, I pray that he will keep me in the knowledge that I cannot save myself and I cannot know it all. I pray that he will mold me to always be teachable and humble.


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