Because he can?

Nancy Taylor Day Spa

God loves us. He blesses us in a whole lot of ways, and in the last week, he’s taught me something that I’m honestly a little nervous to share with you guys because some people might hear me wrong or I might not speak clearly enough so give me some grace as you read or stop reading now if that might be hard for you.

Last week I spent my Monday afternoon in a day spa. My mum gave me a voucher for a treatment there for my birthday last year (which is in August, so it’s been a while) and I felt weird about using it. Monday? I used it. As I sat in a spa there, getting ready for a massage, I felt guilty. I felt like it was indulgent and sinful to be there. It was at that point that God reminded me that every good thing comes from him. He doesn’t have to bless me like he does, and yet sometimes he chooses to bless us with pleasures like a trip to a day spa or a good time with friends playing games, talking and laughing.

Wednesday I found out that I had won a competition. The prize? $1000 worth of Lorna Jane Active clothing. If you look at my Twitter feed, you’ll notice that I’ve been spending a lot of time working out lately and I’d been needing some new workout clothes to replace the ones that now fall of my slightly smaller waist. Again, I felt weird about being so happy about a material prize. But God chose to bless me that way in that moment.

I didn’t do anything to deserve what he blessed me with. I’m not worthy of either of those events occuring. But here’s the thing. Sometimes, we are blessed through suffering and that’s something we seem comfortable with almost because it doesn’t push us closer to materialism and selfish indulgence, but sometimes we are blessed through fun, friendship and provision of something we need and/or desire.

Why does God bless us this way? Because he can. Because he loves us. We need to stop feeling guilty about being blessed. Be blessed. Praise God. Give HIM glory. Because you can. Because you are blessed by what he has done and what he is doing.


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