We pray…

Lady Gaga is selling these. #prayforjapan is trending on Twitter. It seems that everyone except Julia Gillard is praying these days. It’s a reflection on who we are, I think. Tragedy forces us to strip back the layers of ourselves and look at the core of our existance – what can we do when everything is broken? Who can we turn to? Who can help? Who can bring hope when home is gone? It seems that collectively, we are turning to God. Or at least some sort of higher power.

God doesn’t seem to have much relevance to a lot of us most days, unless something goes wrong. In those moments we either get angry at God, or we ask him for help. We realise that we are small and we can’t do much on our own. That our strength is not enough to move the mountains of rubble and bring hope to people who lost everything.

When it all falls apart, we need faith. We crave something to hold onto. We grab hold of some sort of faith – whether it’s a desperate grasping or a sudden stoicism, there’s something we grip so tightly that our knuckles turn red.

What about the other days, though? Why do we only turn to God in desperate times? Why are we self sufficent to the point of breaking? Why doesn’t Lady Gaga live for God rather than ask him for help when things go wrong? Why do we live to make ourselves happy until we’re not happy then ask God to make us happy again? It’s insane!

If God is God, then we can’t just pray when the world seems to fall apart. We pray in good, and in bad, and we acknowledge God at all times because God is God and that’s all there is to it.

Or are we stormy weather believers? Twitter would say that we are. What do you say?


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