Today’s plan includes a whole lot of time with God’s people. It’s that time of year when people stick around way past morning tea, sit around and hear what’s happened in the past year at the church – that’s right, the Annual General Meeting. I’ll be honest with you – they’re not something I typically think happily about – but recent events shifted my perspective.

You see, we are going to get together and have a chance to be the church within the safety and comfort of a building. Churches in so many places in the world have no where to gather today either because of laws to keep them underground or disasters that have destroyed buildings. I remember in the wake of the Haiti disaster, there was a pastor setting up hundreds of chairs in a field so they could have church. Apparently they praised God so much more fervently, and I think it’s because they knew how desperately they needed him in that moment. Anyway, we have safety, we have security and we’ve got the blessing of being able to spend some more time around each other  – praising, praying and hearing about what’s been happening. It’s pretty cool.

You know what else makes me happy about today? The fact that stuff is happening that’s worth talking about.  Ministry is happening. That’s a massive blessing. That’s huge.  It can’t be looked over as just another year. Think about the reports that are given, and think about each individual person affected by what’s happened… It’s a chance to reflect and be reminded.

Now, if you’re from my church and you read this, then hear me complaining about AGM’s – you have my full permission to remind me that I posted this this morning. But only if you don’t complain either. In fact, let’s be happy that we can gather.


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