International Women’s Day

Last week during a high school lunchtime group, one of the year 7 girls asked me if there are any women judges in the Bible. This, of course, led to me telling her about Deborah and Jael and how gruesomely awesome they are. The next day in scripture, that same girl responded to the question ‘what would you ask God about if you could ask him anything?’ with “I’d ask why there aren’t more women judges!”

Today is International Women’s Day and so Deborah is pretty relevant to today. There is something about her – strong and wise – that I can’t help but admire, but then again, don’t we see the same courage in other women in the Bible? There is Ruth and Esther who star in their own books. Let’s not forget Jesus’ mother, Mary, who trusted God even when it seemed insane to do so. How about Priscilla, the woman married to Aquilla? Paul referred to them both as his co-workers in the Lord. Pretty cool, huh?

There are many women who I have had the blessing of knowing that blow me away constantly with their wisdom, courage and godliness. I can’t articulate how much they mean to me and how much they have shaped me.

One woman challenges me consistently. If she sees sin creeping into my life, she will tell me and pray for me. If she sees a step that I should take but knows that I am hesistating, she will remind me that God is with me and then get me to take that next step. She has been through so much and yet she is faithful to God and to those whom she serves. She is always ready to lift others up rather than herself.

Another has no idea how amazing she is. Her strength is, put simply, epic. She has felt so much pain and has let God shape her through it, even though it hurt. She loves her family and she is passionate about ministry. She opened her arms to me when I needed a friend and it is something unforgettable. Something so simple as time spent together doing mundane tasks means so much – and I think she knows how important that is.

The point is, we often look to men like Mark Driscoll and John Piper. But I think maybe we look in the wrong place sometimes. Today, I’m looking at the women God has placed in my life and praising Him for them because truly, they are amazing, strong, godly women and one day, I hope that I can be like them, because they’re so much like Christ.


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