Craving more.

I have a confession to make. I’ve got a nasty habit of wanting more, no matter where I am. I want more adventure. I want more discipline. I want more talent. I want more. I want to be more. I want to do more. It seems to be engraved into me more solidly than anything else – this discontent with life that I just can’t shake.

Bill Hybels has a book about Holy Discontent, and sometimes that will justify my attitude… or at least in my mind it will. There is, however, a difference between discontent and plain old cynicism. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of cynicism at times. However, I don’t think that craving more is a bad thing. It is what we do with that craving, and more important, where that craving comes from.

Does the craving come from my own misplaced desire for glory, or does it come from God and wanting to give Him more glory? Do I crave more numbers of kids at youth group, or do I crave God’s Kingdom to be seen through the community that meets on a Friday night?

It all comes down to God, really. I know that seems like simplistic thought, but the more I read and think the more I’m convinced that we’ve overcomplicated ministry to the point where we’re more strategy than purpose. We should crave more. We should crave more love, more hope, more faith, more God.

But sometimes I forget and crave more numbers, more excitement, more stuff, more talent… Sometimes, my cravings are misplaced.

How are yours?


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